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The tiring effect of travelling to and from the different cities on the tour could have been alleviated by resting at the base camp, New York, between visits. However, there were so many things to see and people to meet that whenever the Bridges returned there, no rest was possible. They rarely dined alone. Forsyth and Friskin were frequent visitors, and more recent friends, the Rogers, Mrs Coolidge, the Kniesels, the Willekes, were keen to offer their hospitality. The fascination of New York could not be resisted, but when Bridge went to see a film shot on location in England, the depth of his feelings for his native country came as a revelation:

N[ew] Y[ork] is terrific - with the dense motor traffic, trolleys, and elevated railway running above them and a subway-tube-underneath. The terrific kind of pressure is indescribable, anyway Broadway is the most staggeringly brilliant thing you've ever dreamed of. After dining last night [Monday 22 October] with the Kniesel family and the D.E. of S.M.21 [Mrs Coolidge] we went to the Rivoli [a cinema] ... There seems to be no time to recover energy of any kind. Good old London will look like a quaker parish - but nevertheless perfectly glorious! When we saw in last night's movie some English country lanes and views of London - the play or book was 'When Winter Comes' - I got quite throaty and sentimental in my head. Didn't realize ever before what old London really stands for - and as to English country! - well, well, well, - you've only to be away from it to say -- Thank you Thank you for the blessing of such a land - whether the Britishers want me to conduct or not - so there!22

21 Dowager Empress of South Mountain.
22 Letter, Ethel and Frank Bridge to Marjorie Fass, 22-3 October 1923.