Mrs Coolidge and the American Experience: 49
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Title graphic: Frank Bridge: A Life in Brief
Mrs Coolidge and the American Experience: 50

After the festival, Mrs Coolidge and the Bridges embarked on a week's motor-trip, driving south to Philadelphia and Washington, before returning northwards to New York on 13 October via Wilmington and Atlantic City. They enjoyed particularly the peaceful countryside of Maryland and the city of Philadelphia, but driving about so much was exhausting and they felt as if they were putting on too much weight because of their lack of exercise, sitting in the car all day. Plans were frequently altered, as was customary for Mrs Coolidge, and the Bridges wondered how the chauffeur coped with it, only to discover subsequently that Mrs Coolidge's chauffeurs did not usually remain long in her service.

The visit to New York was brief, as the Bridges were soon travelling to Cleveland at the beginning of a conducting tour arranged by Mrs Coolidge at Bridge's request. There was just time to meet Walter Damrosch for a discussion of a concert in which Bridge's Two Poems were to be given and to rehearse the London String Quartet in his Second String Quartet, which was soon to be performed in New York as well.

The tour took just under a month, with the following timetable:15

October 16 Arrived in Cleveland on sleeper

Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, The Sea
Back in New York
Arrived in Boston on sleeper
Boston Symphony Orchestra, The Sea
Returned to New York (reception at
Colony Club)
Took sleeper to Buffalo
Arrived in Detroit
November 1-2 Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Summer and
    Sir Roger de Coverley
Visited Niagara Falls
Arrived in New York on sleeper
New York Symphony Orchestra,
    Two Poems
15 A proposed concert to conduct the Chicago Symphony Orchestra had to be abandoned.