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Publications: Open University ~ Articles, etc.
1974 Twentieth-Century Music, 1900-45 (A304, Units 24-32)
Contemporary Music: Case Studies I (Boulez, Cage, Stockhausen)
Music and Society Today (with R. Middleton)
Contemporary Music: Case Studies II (Berio, Penderecki, Shostakovich, Britten)
Publications accompanied by three records, one TV and four radio programmes.
1978 Introduction to Music[al Aesthetics] (A101, Units 11-12)
Accompanied by one record and two radio programmes.
1979 The Second Viennese School (A308, Units 11-16)
Accompanied by one record and two radio programmes.
1981 Seventeenth-Century England (A203)
  • Caroline Music
  • Music during the Commonwealth
  • Music: the Restoration
Accompanied by two records.
1984 Romantic Music II: Song and Opera (A314, Units 27-32)
Romantic Music III: Symphony and Symphonic Poem
Accompanied by two records and two cassettes.
1988 Beethoven: Genius and Visionary (A341, Units 13-16)
  • The Changing Role of the Composer
  • The String Quartet, Op. 131
  • Beethoven's Legacy
Accompanied by three cassettes.
1994 Understanding Music: Elements, Techniques, Styles (A214)
  • Introducing Pitch (Unit 2)
  • Starting with Staff Notation (Unit 3)
  • First Inversion Chords (Unit 11)
  • Mostly Revision (Unit 16)
Accompanied by three cassettes and video material.
2002 Introduction to Serialism (AA314, Unit 23)
Accompanied by material on CD.
2011 Inside Music Block 3 (A224) Editor
1973 'The Open University', Music in Education, Jan/Feb, 130-2
1973 Bantock, Triad Press, 33pp.
1975 'Bantock's Seal Woman', Musical Times, May, 431-3
1976 'Bridge's Novelletten and Idylls', Musical Times, November, 905-6
1977 'Open University Course (Elements of Music)', Music in Education, May/June, 125-6
1977 'Frank Bridge and Mrs. Coolidge', Music and Musicians, October, 28-30
1979 'Frank Bridge', broadcast, BBC 27 Feb. Extracts published in The Listener, 1 March, 317
1979 'Frank Bridge', broadcast, Australia Broadcasting Commission, February
1979 'BBC's Bantock revival', Music and Musicians, March, 20-1
1980 'The Rise of Modernism at The Open University', Music and Musicians, July, 20-1
1984 'Frank Bridge and his "quasi-adopted son"', Music Review, May, 135-8
1986 'Frank Bridge's First Visit to America', Journal of the British Music Society, Vol 8, 12-25
1995 Encyclopaedia of Twentieth-Century Britain, ed. M. Leventhal, Garland Press, New York. Articles on: 'Britten', 'Composers and Music', 'Conductors', 'Delius', 'Elgar', 'Holst', 'Opera', 'Orchestras', 'Tippett', 'Vaughan Williams', 'Walton' and 'Lloyd Webber'.
2000 Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart, ed. L. Finscher, Bärenreiter, Cassel/Basle. Articles on: 'George Berg' and 'Frank Bridge'.